Active Learning Classrooms

Active Learning Classrooms are technology-enabled learning spaces that are designed to support collaboration and interaction between students and instructors. These rooms are designed to be student-centred, interactive, flexible, and supportive of active learning principles. There is often no "front of the room" as students are typically seated in small groups with the instructor centered in the space or moving about the space.

Active Learning Classrooms allow for a more participatory learning environment than the traditional lecture format. The rooms are designed to support collaboration, innovation, peer-based learning, guided inquiry, and increased student engagement.

Active Learning Classrooms should be used for activities that encourage and even require student participation. Depending on the technology available, students may work in small groups either on whiteboards or on projected screens and then come back to work with the entire class to present their findings or questions. Rooms are configured in such a way as to encourage discussion and idea sharing. Cooperative activities within the room should focus on engaging students in the learning process rather than presenting them with material. Possible activities include peer-based learning, debates, case-based problem solving, and brainstorming.