Wiki Tools

What are Wiki Tools

A wiki is a web application, or a content management system, made up of "wiki pages" that allows users to create, change, delete and browse content in a collaborative manner without a defined owner or leader. All changes made to a wiki page take effect in real-time and are archived; this archive of changes is viewable by all users. Wiki pages can be linked to other wiki pages, in effect promoting meaningful association between various topics. The most famous example of a wiki is Wikipedia.

What is the purpose of Wiki Tools

On a broad level, the purpose of a wiki is to create, browse, and search through information. A wiki enables groups and communities to create and edit documents in a collaborative manner. Wiki pages can be made public or private depending on their intended use.

How to use Wiki Tools

Users can create and edit wiki pages using one of many available wiki software which are accessible with any Web Browser. While some wiki pages require users to make an account and log in to add or make changes to their content, most wiki pages are openly editable by the general public. Wiki pages are made and edited using a simplified markup language known as "wikitext". While the style and structure of wikitexts vary across different wiki software, they tend to be simple and easy to learn.


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