What is the Role of the eLearning Toolkit

There are many possibilities for incorporating technologies into teaching that it can be difficult for instructors to discover new technologies, stay up-to-date, or make quick, informed decisions for adoption. The Toolkit allows instructors to find introductory information on a range of eLearning concepts and digital tools, all focused on technology-enhanced teaching and learning.

Tool profiles feature both institutionally-supported tools (such as OWL and iClicker) and unsanctioned tools. Reviews are conducted on each tool included in the Toolkit, as based on an evidence-informed rubric for eLearning Tool Evaluation. These reviews can be used as a guide for informing instructors’ decision-making, but are not intended to provide an endorsement of any particular tool.

It’s important to note that only institutionally-supported tools have been through Western Technology Services privacy and security evaluations. When selecting unsanctioned tools, instructors are ultimately responsible for ensuring their own and students’ personal information is protected. Toolkit reviews seek to highlight strengths and potential risks on a range of considerations, including privacy and security. The intention being that instructors can make quicker, more informed decisions about the technologies they adopt and when further risk assessment may be required before use.