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What is Grademark

Turnitin GradeMark is a tool that allows instructors to mark and grade students' work online. Instructors can customize sets of in-depth comments for grading, as well as evaluate assignments against qualitative or quantitative rubrics.

What is the purpose of Grademark

Turnitin GradeMark provides rich, legible feedback on any type of assignment including PowerPoint presentations, math calculations, science experiments, and more. GradeMark can be accessed anytime, anywhere and keeps papers, assignments, comments, and grades in one organized place online. It also reduces plagiarism, as instructors can easily refer to the Originality Report while grading for a more comprehensive evaluation.

How to use Grademark

To mark an assignment submitted to the Gradebook, inbox, or student portfolio page, the instructor will select the "GradeMark" icon under the grademark column, located to the right of the document that needs to be evaluated. This will open a window containing the GradeMark interface, in which an instructor can assign marks, input numeric grades, and leave any comments, both general and location specific, to the document.

Where to find Support

This tool is centrally supported


For help, you can contact the WTS Helpdesk

Security and Privacy

This tool has been formally reviewed by Western’s Technology Risk Assessment Committee

Security and Privacy Flags


  • Application's Terms of Conditions or End User License Agreement poses a risk of binding the institution to an agreement thereby requiring legal counsel to review the application. However, this is mitigated as it has undergone legal review during the Technology Risk Assessment process.


  • This application saves grading information independently from OWL

Last Updated: September 16, 2020