Turnitin Peer Evaluation

What is Turnitin Peer Evaluation?

Turnitin Peer Evaluation is a tool that allows students to evaluate each other's work and learn from their peers. Students can read, review, and assess one or many assignments submitted by their classmates. 

What is the purpose of Turnitin Peer Evaluation?

Turnitin Peer Evaluation's purpose is to encourage students to share and review one another's work, providing beneficial feedback, as well as developing critical thinking skills. The tool uses standard assessment questions to ensure that students stay on track and provide the appropriate feedback. It also allows for anonymous reviews, depending on the classroom structure established by the instructor. The tool is conveniently accessible online at any given time, and is user friendly, even for the largest classes.

How to use Turnitin Peer Evaluation

For information about writing a peer review for an assignment, visit the Turnitin PeerMark Overview site

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