OWL Tool - Web Content

What is the Web Content tool?

The Web Content tool in OWL creates a menu item for an external webpage on the left side of the OWL worksite. When selected, the webpage will be displayed within the OWL worksite.

What is the purpose of the Web Content tool?

The Web Content tool allows participants to view external webpages within the course site.

How to use the Web Content tool

Within your OWL worksite, enable the Web Content tool using the 'Site Info' page and clicking on the 'Edit Tools' link. You will be asked to provide a name for the Web Content. The name will be displayed in the list of tools on the left side of your OWL worksite. In the Source box, enter the URL (web address) of the webpage.

Related Information

Additional Resources

  • For more information on how to set up the Web Content tool, visit the OWL Documentation site.