OWL Tool - EZProxy

What is the EZProxy Tool?

The EZProxy tool in OWL provides a way to securely link to licensed database resources that would otherwise require a separate login to access.

What is the purpose of the EZProxy Tool?

Western subscribes to a number of online database resources through the Libraries. This tool allows instructors to link to articles contained in these databases directly from an OWL worksite. Student can use the EZProxy link to access the restricted material without requiring the students to log into the external sites. 

How to use the EZProxy Tool

Within your OWL worksite, enable the EZProxy Library Link tool using the 'Site Info' page and clicking on the 'Edit Tools' link.  Enter 'Title' on the next page. The EZProxy Library Link tool is added to the left side of your OWL worksite.

Click on the EZProxy Library Link tool at the left to configure the link. Enter the URL to the database resource.

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