Learning Objects and Learning Modules

What are learning objects and learning modules?

Learning modules are packages of educational content that can be deployed in courses to supplement instruction.

What is the purpose of learning objects and learning modules?

Learning modules can be used to offer multiple ways of instruction. For an online course, learning modules can be a primary form of engagement for students, as learning modules can contain high levels of interactivity, and they can also be made visually and aurally stimulating. For blended courses, learning modules may be used to offer review material to supplement in-class learning. Using learning modules can allow for high customization of the learning environment.

How to use learning objects and learning modules

Learning modules can be created by organizing resources in OWL using the Lessons tool. Learning modules can also be created in external software and then exported in a form that can be uploaded to OWL and embedded in the Lessons tool. The advantage to this approach is that the software used in the creation of modules allows for high levels of aesthetic customization and interactivity.

If you are interested in using learning objects or modules in your course, consider contacting the Instructional Technology Resource Centre for assistance in creating your modules. The ITRC has used multiple software programs in the creation of learning modules for professors across Western.

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