What is EDpuzzle?

EDpuzzle is a web-based eLearning application allowing users to select a video and customize it by editing, cropping, recording their own audio, and adding quiz questions directly to the video stream. EDpuzzle also allows for instructors to track, monitor, and grade students engagement with the videos created.

What is the purpose of EDpuzzle?

The overall purpose of EDpuzzle is to facilitate increased student engagement with video content. With the ability to personalize videos, add engaging assessment elements, and use created videos to track/grade student learning, videos can be enhanced to achieve targeted goals for learning.

How to use EDpuzzle

To get started with EDpuzzle visit the website and click Teacher, start now to view a quick tutorial and set up an account.

Creating and using an EDpuzzle video involves four steps:

  1. Select a video to edit - You can upload and use your own videos or search and select from a wide range of web resources (YouTube, Khan Academy, TED talks, National Geographic, etc. )
  2. Add personalized elements:
    • Crop Selected Video - include only the sections of video you want your students to view by cropping
    • Record an Audio Track - overlay a self-recorded audio clip that replaces the videos original audio as the video is played. This feature can be used to explain the video to your students from your own teaching approach and in your own words.
    • Add an audio note - Insert an audio note at any point in the video - an introductory comment, a conclusion, a remark, etc. The original video pauses while your audio note is playing.
    • Insert quizzes - insert an open-ended question, multiple choice question, or text comment at any point along the video. The original video pauses while the student engages with the question
  3. Save and Share - save your creation to your collection in EDpuzzle and assign it to a class, create a link, or share it publicly.
  4. Track students’ engagement with the video with analytics such as views and performance on quizzes.

Consider and explore creative pedagogical applications of EDpuzzle:

  • Enhance your own instructional videos with audio notes and quizzes
  • Adapt and personalize others’ videos
  • Use EDpuzzle as a tool to flip your classroom
  • Use EDpuzzle as a tool to support an assignment that asks students to create their own video lessons

Tool Evaluation

April 6, 2016

Functionality overall rating: 3 stars (green)Functionality

Rating Rationale
Scale rating: 3 stars (green)


The tool can be scaled to accommodate any size class with the flexibility to create smaller sub-groups or communities of practice. There are no limitations to class size. Features could be easily used to create sub-groups (i.e. “my classes”, “student projects”)

Ease of use rating:3 stars (green)

Ease of Use

The tool has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and personalize

Tech Support/ Help Availability rating:3 stars (green)

Tech Support/Help Availability

Technical support/help documentation is readily available and aids users in troubleshooting tasks or solving problems experienced

Hypermediality rating:3 stars (green)


The tool allows users to communicate through different channels (audio, visual, textual) and allows for non-sequential, flexible/adaptive engagement with material

Accessibility overall rating: 2 stars (yellow)Accessibility

Rating Rationale
AODA Friendly rating: 2 stars (yellow)

AODA Friendly

The tool has some limited capacity to be accessible for users or for materials to be made AODA-friendly, such as import of closed captioning from YouTube when it has been made available on the original video.

Assistive Technology rating:3 stars (green)

User-focused participation

The tool is designed to address the needs of diverse users, their various literacies, and capabilities, thereby widening opportunities for participation in learning

Required Equipment rating: 3 stars (green)

Required Equipment

Proper use of the tool does not require specialized equipment

Technical overall rating: 3 stars (green)Technical

Rating Rationale
Integration/Embedding into OWL: 3 stars (green)

Integration/Embedding into OWL

The tool can be embedded and fully integrated into an OWL Lessons page maintaining full functionality of the tool. Add content > Embed content on page > paste embed code from EDpuzzle deleting all other code except web address (i.e. https:// to /watch)

Operating Systems rating: 3 stars (green)

Operating Systems

Users can effectively utilize the tool with any standard, up-to-date operating system (i.e.Windows 10, OSX, etc.)

Web Browser rating: 3 stars (green)

Web Browser

Users can effectively utilize the tool with most standard, up-to-date web Browsers: Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, but may have trouble using Internet Explorer

Additional Technical Requirements rating: 3 stars (green)

Additional Technical Requirements

Users may have to disable pop up blockers in browsers to see content.

Mobile Design overall rating: 2 stars (yellow)Mobile Design

Rating Rationale
Mobile Operating Systems rating: 2 stars (yellow)

Mobile Operating Systems

The tool has limited functionality with some devices, limiting mobility. There is an iOS EDpuzzle app for students; Android app is in development (spring 2016). There is no EDpuzzle app for instructors.

Mobile Functionality rating: 2 stars (yellow)

Mobile Functionality

Basic features of the main tool are functional on the iOS app for students app but student project spaces are not supported.

Offline Access rating: 2 stars (yellow)

Offline Access

The iOS app can be accessed offline but tools and content are affected (i.e. videos cannot be watched)

Usage and account set up overall rating: 1 star (red)Usage and Account Set Up

Rating Rationale
Sign Up/Sign In rating: 1 star (red)

Sign Up/Sign In

All users (instructors and students) must create an external account or additional login, only username, email, and password information is collected which is not shared to third parties

Cost of Use rating: 3 stars (green)

Cost of Use

All aspects of the tool can be used free of charge (open access)

Archiving Saving and Exporting Data rating: 2 stars (yellow)

Archiving, Saving, and Exporting Data

There are limitations to archiving, saving, or importing/exporting content or activity data

Data Privacy and Ownership rating: 1 star (red)

Data Privacy and Ownership

Uploaded videos are shared publicly; users can adapt one another's videos without attribution being given. Videos can made private but only by emailing EDpuzzle to request. Instructors should not upload videos that they wish to keep private.

Social Presence overall rating: 1 star (red)Social Presence

Rating Rationale
Collaboration rating: 1 star (red)


Communication, interactivity, and transfer of meaning between student-student is not supported or significantly limited

User Accountability rating: 2 stars (yellow)

User Accountability

Instructors cannot control student anonymity but the tool provides some solution for holding students accountable for their actions (i.e. users are prompted to sign up with first and last name)

Diffusion rating: 2 stars (yellow)


Student familiarity with the tool is likely mixed, however the tool functions similar to other more pervasive online video tools (i.e. YouTube)

Instructor Presence overall rating: 3 stars (green)Instructor Presence

Rating Rationale
Facilitation rating: 3 stars (green)


The tool has easy-to-use features that would significantly improve an instructor’s ability to be present with students via active management, monitoring, and engagement (i.e. personalized audio clips, monitoring students responses)

Customization rating: 3 stars (green)


Tool is adaptable to its environment: easily customized to suit the classroom context and targeted learning outcomes

Learning Analytics rating: 3 stars (green)

Learning Analytics

Instructor can monitor students’ performance on a variety of responsive measures. Common analytics include percent of video watched, grade on quiz questions, when video was last viewed

Cognitive Presence overall rating: 3 stars (green)Cognitive Presence

Rating Rationale
Enhancement of Cognitive Task(s) rating: 3 stars (green)

Enhancement of Cognitive Task(s)

The tool enables functional improvement to engagement in the targeted cognitive task(s)

Higher Order Thinking rating: 3 stars (green)

Higher Order Thinking

With the insertion of elements such as instructor voice and quiz questions, use of the tool can easily facilitate students to exercise higher order thinking skills

Feedback on Learning rating: 3 stars (green)

Feedback on Learning

Through the tool, students can regularly receive formative feedback on learning (i.e. they can track their performance, monitor their improvement, test their knowledge, etc.)

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