Course Management

What are course management tools?

Overall, a Learning Management System (LMS) such as OWL includes a variety of tools for supporting course administration, delivery, documentation, teaching, and learning. Course management tools are those tools that serve to support the more administrative or managerial tasks of a course. The focus of this page is upon course management tools specific to OWL.

What is the purpose of course management tools?

Course management tools serve a variety of functions ranging from communicating course structure to supporting course schedules, engagement, time management, etc. The purpose of such tools is to support instructors and students alike in understanding and meeting course expectations, accessing course information, meeting deadlines, and/or tracking one’s engagement in course activities.  

How to use course management tools

Overall, course management tools are designed to support instructors in organizing and sharing course-related information with their students. In OWL, each course management tool serves slightly different functionality. When choosing a tool for managing some aspect of your course, make sure that the tool you’ve selected adequately meets your intended goals. Some ‘best practices’ of course management tools include:

  • Using the syllabus tool to offer your syllabus in an alternative format that is easily navigated in OWL
  • Organize Lessons pages by course week, using each lessons home page as an overview of weekly activities, to do lists, links to readings, etc.
  • Connect your course with the Course Readings Tool to set up a list of readings, resources, and multimedia unique to your course
  • Outline expectations for all assignments in the Assignments Tool so that students have quick access to details, due dates, and resources such as rubrics
  • Use the Schedule Tool to communicate important course dates or broadcast changes to scheduled dates

Tool Comparison

Communicating Expectations, Policies Course Schedule, Important Dates Communicating Assessment Structure Organizing / Sharing Resources Tracking Progress


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Course Readings

Additional Information

OWL Organizational Strategies:

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  2. Menu Tab Selection & Organization
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  4. Managing Lessons
  5. Managing Material in the Resources Tool
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